Organic Apparel BD

Organic Apparel BD

Organic Apparel BD

Organic Apparel BD

Welcome To Organic Apparel

We are a leading and fast growing Apparel Buying House in Dhaka, Bangladesh. and executing customer's work orders with Garments Manufacturer to export high end quality garments of knit and woven items with a very competitive price. 

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To become a leading buying house and best in class, through-

  • Delivering quality products and on time delivery.
  • Demonstrating highest level of professionalism and commitment.
  • Building solid and trustworthy partnership with World Class Brand owners.
  • Assuring quality at the source.


To continue our best effort to be the market leader in Bangladesh, providing ready to wear clothing to our customers around the world. Always to keep the goodwill and strength to develop high quality, sophisticated and deviation-free products in our capacity and make on time delivery to stores.


We offer to our honorable Buyers -

One week delay 10% discount on FOB.

Two weeks delay 20% discount on FOB.

Three weeks delay 30% discount on FOB.


Four weeks delay 40% discount on FOB or cancel.